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The Ladykillers

by Graham Linehan

Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th March 2015

A Comedy

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Based on the classic Ealing Comedy...
Mrs. Louisa Wilberforce, a sweet and eccentric old widow, lives alone with General Gordon, her parrot in a gradually subsiding house, built over the entrance to a railway tunnel in Kings Cross Station in London.

Having nothing to occupy her time and an over-active imagination, she is well known by the local bobby whom she regularly reports her fanciful suspicions regarding neighbourhood activities. Having led wild-goose chases in the past, she is humoured by the policeman but he ignores all that she says.

She is approached by a sinister character, 'Professor' Marcus, who wants to rent rooms in her house, due to proximity to the station. She is not aware that he has assembled a gang of hardened criminals for a sophisticated security van robbery at King's Cross Station.

The gang consist of the gentlemanly and easily fooled con-man 'Major' Claude Courtney; the comedic Cockney spiv Harry Robinson; the slow-witted and "punch drunk" ex-boxer 'One-Round' Lawson; and the murderous, cruel and vicious continental gangster Louis Harvey.

Marcus convinces the naive Mrs. Wilberforce that the group is an amateur string quintet using the room for rehearsal space. To maintain the deception, the gang members carry musical instruments and play a recording of Boccherini's Minuet (3rd movement) from String Quintet in E, Op. 11 No. 5 during their planning sessions.

After the heist, Mrs. Wilberforce is deceived into retrieving the truck full of the proceeds from the railway station herself. This she successfully manages to do

As the gang attempts to depart her house with the trunk, 'One-Round' accidentally reveals the money just as Mrs Wilberforce’s ladies turn up for a concert to be performed by Marcus’ ensemble.

After the concert, the gangsters half convince Mrs. W that she will surely be considered an accomplice for her unwitting part in the heist. Reluctantly she accepts then waivers but when she rallies the criminals finally decide they must dispose of her.

As the oblivious Mrs. Wilberforce dozes, the criminals cross, double-cross and al die in rapid succession, each body being disposed of on trains leaving no trace that the gangsters had ever been there.

Mrs. Wilberforce is now left alone with the money.

She goes to the police to return it but they do not believe her story and tell her to keep the money.

She is surprised but finally accepts her bounty…..

Mark Oldknow as Professor Marcus
Helen Sharman as Mrs Wilberforce
Alan Bates as Major Claude Courtney
Roger Saper as Louis Harvey
Tom McGrath as Harry Robinson
Ross McCart as One-Round Lawson
Haydn Davis as Constable Macdonald
Evelyn Frith as Mrs Jane Tromleyton

Show dates are

Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th March 2015

at 8pm


The Beacon Centre
Holtspur Way, Holtspur

Box Office for BTG
Box Office 07880 962 514

Tickets: £12.00 & £10.00 concessions

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